Welcome to TVizFX

TVizFX is a Twitter application built with the all new JavaFX platform by Sun Microsystems. It started as a learning project, and I have finally submitted it for the JavaFX Coding Challenge. TVizFX it is by no means complete. It is more in a proof of concept like state, I have tons of ideas but did not yet find the time to implement all those things.

TVizFX visualizes your Twitter network in diagrams. Currently only a tree layout is supported, but more layouts, such as circular or organic layouts, will be added soon. You can zoom nodes and drag nodes freely. Tweets are faded in above the user's node in the diagram.

To get started enter the name of the Twitter user's network you'd like to have visualized, select whether you want to see his/her friend or follower network and press Go. If you want to replay tweets, choose the number of tweets you like to replay and press Replay. Number of tweets means the total number of tweet that will be loaded and replayed. Note that Twitter has a requests per hour limit for third party applications, which may cause TVizFX to stop from working.


Run TVizFX (Sky L&F)


Run TVizFX (Neo L&F)

Sun, Java and all JavaFX are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter Inc., San Francisco, CA. The logo graphic is based on 'lemmling_Simple_butterfly_wallpaper' found in the Open Clip Art Library.