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My latest project is about saving yourself some time. It's a platform for learning how to speed read. It does not matter whether you have to read documents at work, school books at university or just read for pleasure. Reading faster will safe let you get more things done. provides seven quick and easy-to-digest lessons. Check it out for yourself and get started!


TVizFX is still work in progress, it is a Twitter application built with the all new JavaFX platform by Sun Microsystems. With TVizFX I have participated at the JavaFX Coding Challenge. TVizFX visualizes your Twitter network in diagrams (tree graph).

Visit the TVizFX project home to learn more or run the application.



GwtAI provides easy to use cross-browser Java Applets integration to Google Web Toolkit (GWT) projects. GwtAI contains a number of utilities and helper classes, such as automatic creation of a wrapper widget and mechanism to communicate with Java Applets.

See the project homepage for more information.

Traceurl was my first bigger project using the Google Web Toolkit. The idea for this project came out of a personal need to simply count the accesses to a particular URL. Over time's feature list grew and I have made it available to the public. is about monitoring accesses to an certain URL. This is interesting for the URLs mailed to friends, posted to forums or mentioned in ones blog. Accesses are counted and additionally one can open a world map displaying all the access origins. So the service is kind of a mix between the tinyurl idea and a visual traceroute application. comes with a Google Gadget to be integrated into your personal iGoogle site.

Traceurl Traceurl Gadget


I was up to run some more and bought a Polar pulse monitor to hold constant of my training. At first I simply used a spreadsheet to store my data, but that is quite uncomfortable. So decided to write my own Application. That is how it started, a DTD, a simple application to insert data, a GUI and so on and on.

Visit the JPulseMonitor project home at to learn more.



A rather small Java program to convert vCards (exported by Evolution) into a CVS file. The purpose of this is to import my addresses in a Spreadsheet application. Jvcard2cvs it not very sophisticated, so no public release is planed in the near future.